Viaposte: a committed company, member of the GEIQ-Impact scheme

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In a context where access to employment is increasingly difficult, as revealed in the study Les tensions sur le marché du travail en 2022[1] published in December 2023 on the DARES website, numerous initiatives to promote employment are being launched.

GEIQs (Groupements d'Employeurs pour l'Insertion et la Qualification — Employers' Groupings for Integration and Qualification) are part of a resolutely flexible approach, advocating a strong social impact and promoting the professional integration of those persons furthest from the world of work.

Among these employer groups, GEIQ Impact, a warehouse logistics specialist, is focusing on training to provide an initial response to today's recruitment problems.

The company Viaposte is confirming its commitment and CSR values by taking part in this programme, which is working to integrate and train people in difficulty, from November 2021.

Eric Nanti, Director of Integrated Logistics Teams at Viaposte, talks about how the scheme works and the initial results observed internally.


[1] Translation: Tensions on the employment market in 2022

GEIQ Impact: integration through qualifications

What is the Groupement d'Employeurs pour l'Insertion et la Qualification?

A GEIQ is a grouping of several companies that have chosen to invest in the potential of people who have lost touch with the world of work, by focusing on integration through qualifications.

Underpinned by a strong social motivation, it embodies a unique concept of reaching out to a different target group and fostering the skills to be developed for professional reintegration by alternating theory with practical on-the-job experience.

The GEIQ is committed to an RQTH recruitment percentage of 12% in each graduation year, that is, people with recognised disabled worker status.

Each year, the GEIQ Label is awarded to several participants in the programme by the French federation of GEIQs.


GEIQ- Impact in figures

Impact's primary aim is to help logistics operatives find long-term employment.

The figures for 2023 are very encouraging, with 70% of people being hired on permanent contracts and a 90% success rate on the course culminating in the order picker vocational qualification.

GEIQ-Impact and Viaposte: a history of commitment

Eric Nanti, head of the integrated logistics team (ELI) at Le Thillay, recounts the story of Viaposte and GEIQ-Impact: "With 1pact, the parent organisation of GEIQ-Impact, we've been working on time-sharing for a long time: employees can work part-time at Viaposte and at other entities and, after discussing the issues with one of the managers, we raised the possibility of creating a GEIQ. I was asked to take the reins as president, and GEIQ-Impact was born!"

With this GEIQ-Impact, Viaposte's involvement has been to set up classes of 12 people in a back-to-work programme to roll out and develop the scheme. "We took on a class every 6 months on our site and we are now on our 4th class on the Le Thillay site, as well as a class spread over several sites in the Paris area!"

Candidates are referred to this work-linked training programme by schemes that are supported by long-term partnerships or collaborations, such as France Travail (formerly Pôle emploi) or certain associations. GEIQ recruiters then select the future trainees and place them with partner companies that have expressed a recruitment need, taking into account their profile and any constraints they may have in order to ensure that the project is feasible. 

GEIQ Impact Viaposte

How a GEIQ-Impact training course at Viaposte unfolds

The course prepares students for the professional qualification of order picker. Eric Nanti explains: "The training lasts 6 months, and consists of four days a week at the Le Thillay site and one day of theoretical and practical training, with a CACES[1] at the end of the course. The aim is to allow participants to discover or rediscover the company environment and mix profiles so that everyone can benefit from each other's knowledge, while training for an occupation!"

"We ensure there is one tutor for every three people. Although the tutor provides training relating to the job, he or she also acts as a coach, helping candidates to develop their skills and incorporate the fundamental values they need to reconnect with professional life".

While Viaposte's aim in taking part in the scheme is to increase the employability rate, the company is banking above all on a return to employment and the emergence of vocations among in-house trainers: "all of this brings meaning to our business", adds Eric Nanti.

2024 News: GEIQ-Impact is currently being developed at other Viaposte sites, to meet a target of one or two class graduations a year at our ELI in Montereau, one class a year at our logistics platform in Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes and one class a year shared by the Chelles/Chilly-Mazarin platforms. This will replicate the Le Thillay model, which recently won an award for its CSR commitment!


[1] Safe driving certificate

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