Work-study programmes: the path to long-term employment at Viaposte

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According to a study published in March 2023 by the Directorate for Research, Studies and Statistics (DARES), of the French Ministry of Labour, Full Employment and Inclusion, the number of people pursuing work-study programmes has continued rise over recent years. Indeed, between 2019 and 2022, the number of work-study contracts signed increased by more than 100%. Work-study programmes bring notable advantages not only for trainees but also for companies, which are making ever more use of this type of contract, given the prospects of hiring a trainee at the end of the programme, of an immediately operational resource, and of the opportunity to develop managerial skills in mentors. 

Viaposte is no exception, and has made work-study training one of the surest paths to long-term employment, particularly in the industrial maintenance sector, which is still struggling to recruit in France. 

2023 marked a turning point in the history of Viaposte, with the hiring of 4 work-study maintenance technicians on permanent contracts!

Discover behind the scenes of our work-study programme and related hiring prospects through an interview with one of our trainees, Mattéo Lechheb and also Operations Director Martial Martin.

The work-study programme at Viaposte for Martial Martin, Operations Director

Although nearly 1,000 maintenance technician positions were vacant in France in 2022, the rise of new technologies is making the profession increasingly attractive, particularly thanks to the integration of automation solutions that simplify the daily lives of technical workers. 

However, to make up for this shortage in maintenance technicians, supported and structured practical training is of interest both in developing sought-after skills and in giving new hires more independence when they start out.

This is a vision shared by Martial Martin, Maintenance Operations Director at Viaposte, who says, “Work-study trainees are not just left to their own devices. We put them under the supervision of on-site maintenance technicians and team leaders that guarantee their safety, train them, and support them. The job is complex and demands many skills. Our goal? To ensure candidates, after 2 years of training, have developed a good degree of independence to be able to offer them a long-term position at Viaposte, and to continue to support them as they improve their skills. This opportunity offers a twofold advantage: long-term employment for trainees, and the strengthening of teams that have already been formed. And this all translates into being able to guarantee our customers greater responsiveness and better quality of service!”

From work-study to a permanent contract maintenance technician: Mattéo Lechheb

Mattéo Lechheb joined Viaposte in September 2021, on a work-study basis, after an internship at a La Poste mail sorting centre. Initially responsible for various preventive maintenance tasks, he gradually developed skills allowing him to devote himself to far more technical troubleshooting missions: the true essence of a maintenance technician’s job. On attaining his technical diploma (BTS) in Production Systems Maintenance, he was offered a permanent position, and here gives us his testimony:

“What I like about being a maintenance technician is that I never get tired of it. Every day is different, and I enjoy the unpredictability that the role offers. Through my work-study programme, I discovered an exciting, extremely varied profession that allows me to explore different facets of maintenance: electricity, industrial IT, how machinery works, and how it can be operated.

Recrutement technicien de maintenance Viaposte

"My work-study programme was extremely enriching, particularly thanks to the atmosphere within the team. Here, there’s no hierarchy, or rather, you don’t feel it. Everyone is ready to help each other, regardless of their different missions. Viaposte is a big family, and I have formed strong bonds with many people. I have always been supported by my mentor, both in the company and at college, particularly in preparing my thesis.”

Mattéo also speaks for his colleagues, Loan Venet, Guillaume Roullier and Noah Garnier, all three former work-study trainees who have just permanently joined Viaposte teams as permanent maintenance technicians!


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