Transport of goods

Entrust us with
your transport of goods

At Viaposte, we support you at every stage of the road transport of your goods in France and Europe. We supervise the management of regular or exceptional transport of your goods on pallets, in the best possible conditions, to ensure continuity in your production and distribution activities.

  • Pallet Groupage Transport

    We support you in managing the road transport of your goods from 1 to 3 pallets in France and Europe.

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  • Road freighting

    Our company offers you the best services for the management of your occasional or unexpected cargo.

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  • LTL/FTL Transport

    Our company Viaposte based in France helps you to transport your goods. We offer a regular road transport service, from 4 to 33 pallets depending on your needs and the capacity of our vehicles.

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For each type of goods transport
its TMS

Viaposte, as a logistics provider, has a project management team made up of around thirty employees at the service of companies. We offer you fast and efficient deployment services for the appropriate TMS, while guaranteeing the guaranteeing data protection of your company's logistics activity.

For the management of road transport in pallet groupage 

For the regular road transport of your goods in FLT/LTL

For all your occasional road haulage activities in Freight Forwarding


Transport services tailored
to your logistics activity

We act with the dexterity of a small company and the expertise of a large European logistics company specialized in road transport. Entrust us with your freight needs, whether regular or urgent, whatever the quantity of your products, for road transport within the European borders. We offer you our tailor-made transport services, working to provide you with a clean transport offer running on biofuel, biogas, electric and hydrogen.

Responsible road transportin France and Europe

We can meet all your transport needs, whether for freight, palletised transport or flow management, using a mix of green energy to limit the environmental impact of our activity.

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in road transport ?

We regularly attract new customers and maintain a close relationship with them.

We are developing partnerships with new transporters; favouring solutions using biogas, biofuels, hydrogen and electricity.

We are developing our IT tools and services to offer the best for your goods management. 

Work with us and meet these challenges ! 
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Viaposte, a logistics company
that understands you

Discover our complementary logistics services to be combined with the road transport subcontracting you entrust to us.

  • We sort and prepare your parcels

    At one of our warehouses or one of your logistics platforms, we can sort your items and manage the preparation of your orders. With our logistics, maintenance and road transport company Viaposte, offer yourself the quality of a tailor-made service !

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    We maintain your logistics tools

    To ensure the continuity of your logistics activity and increase your performance, we organise the maintenance of your sorting, conveying and assembly tools.

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