A look at the jobs and career mobility opportunities at Viaposte, as told by the employees themselves.

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Viaposte, a variety of jobs in logistics, maintenance, transport and transversal areas

Already recognised for its logistics and transport activities, Viaposte has expanded its supply chain services in recent years by developing expertise in industrial maintenance.

Its customers include entities of La Poste such as Colissimo, Chronopost, DPD and Asendia, as well as companies specialising in dry food, DIY, clothing, humanitarian aid, spare parts, etc.

To carry out the services entrusted to it, Viaposte relies on its 2,500 employees in France and is also currently recruiting !

The diversity of professions within the company is an opportunity in itself, and its culture of commitment, innovation, know-how and performance is demonstrated and embodied by its employees.

It is these same employees who shed light on their jobs. This year, several of them talk about their responsibilities, their challenges, and their daily lives:

Ariane, Human Resources Manager

Mamadi, night transport assistant

Romain, Yanis and Sarah, work experience students in logistics, industrial maintenance and transport respectively

Fannie, Head of Occupational Health and Safety

Thomas, team leader on a logistics platform

Anne-Laure, Transport Manager

Numerous possibilities for professional mobility: geographical, hierarchical, technological, etc.

Its network of locations throughout France, the complementary nature of its three activities and the training courses on offer give numerous opportunities for professional mobility: between business lines, with an assumption of responsibility towards managerial functions, geographical mobility, etc.

All of these stories, told by the employees in their video testimonials, demonstrate the breadth of the field of possibilities:

Henri, director of the logistics network, who arrived as a sorting agent

Frédéric, maintenance supervisor, and former technical manager

Nassim, transport regulator, joined Viaposte as a press operator

Yoan, operations manager after starting out as a sorting agent

Garry, logistics platform manager who also started as a sorting agent

At Viaposte, employees have meaningful careers, and the company is keen to reward the men and women who make it work. As proof, the average time spent with the company is 9 years.

Find all these testimonials about jobs and mobility opportunities within Viaposte on its YouTube channel.

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