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We make it possible to deliver your merchandise on 4 to 33 pallets. To respond to your exceptional or urgent needs, we negotiate, organise and supervise your road transport to delivery locations in France and throughout Europe.

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Transport of goods


We organise

your exceptional

We manage the occasional, unscheduled or urgent transport of your merchandise from 4 to 33 pallets, by negotiating its transit for you under the best possible terms and conditions.

Haulier selection

We competitively compare many different hauliers

Transport pricing

We negotiate the delivery times and rates (per transport or yearly rate) and select the haulier with the best offer

Transportation supervision

We manage the relationship with the haulier (administrative, disputes, etc.) and oversee the transport from start to finish

Never far away with

Our regional freight forwarding centres

Viaposte has established freight forwarding centers at its regional settlements. Contact the center closest to your departure area.


The scope of

our offer

We handle exceptional flows between professionals, pallet-packed merchandise with 4 to 33 pallets per vehicle starting at the departure site and going to one or several sites in France and Europe.

We adapt to your particular needs by offering customisation options : appointment delivery, tailgate lift services, ad valorem insurance…

We handle all types of merchandise except temperature-controlled products, certain dangerous products* and products needing very specific equipment (crane, clamping, etc.)
* The transport of dangerous materials is studied on a case-by-case basis according to product.

IT tools

at your service

A cooperative Item Care TMS and an EDI without extra fees

• Transport order
• Desktop publishing and invoicing
• Petrol consumption management
• Delivery tracking, Delivery confirmation and proof
• Quality indicators
• Disagreement management

24/7 Assistance


We have IT assistance that can provide support at any time.

A mirroring data centre

The automatic, real-time synchronisation of all IT data at our mirroring data centre meets the strictest requirements concerning the continuity of service plan and data security.

Freight forwarding transport

under the best terms and conditions

  • A quote prepared in less than 2 hours for urgent requests

  • Multilingual teams offering you 24/7 support

  • Systematic verification of the haulier’s documents (registration certificate, insurance, driver’s licence, eco-driving, security protocol, etc.)

  • Compliance with all set collection and delivery times

  • Parking in secured, closed area under video surveillance with 24 hr. guard

  • Integration into our practices of sustainable development concerns

A transport

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Viaposte, a company

that understands you

We are your daily partner helping you optimize your transport.

  • We transport your small flows

    We take charge of your merchandise, by transporting them within our existing network and connections to optimize your costs.

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  • We manage it every day

    We seek out the best hauliers and establish contracts. With our logistics network, we can separate or group your merchandise, with or without moving it into storage

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