Our commitments


At Viaposte, we are motivated by challenges and invested in a culture of solid results by demonstrating flexibility and adaptability. But we also strive to go further in:

  • The continuous improvement of our business practices, on Viaposte sites including the headquarters as well as our in situ activities.
  • Management of the company’s men and women because at Viaposte, we are all involved in success.
  • Securing our logistics platforms to protect our customers' goods.
  • Reducing our environmental impact, by involving every stakeholder in the effort.


Operational Excellence

We created the Apollo programme to make sure continuous improvement becomes a real company value, systematically applied to all of our business practices. It involves everyone at Viaposte (teams, managers and support services) and is characterised by concrete actions. 

  • Health and safety: it’s a priority at Viaposte involving a culture of safety and collective responsibility that includes the measurement, analysis and eradication of causes of accidents. It also focuses on anticipating all dangerous situations.

  • Quality: it deals with production that complies with the needs of our customers and delivered within the scheduled time period while controlling costs and establishing a functional workplace environment. It means respecting standards and procedures and optimising work areas and facilities.

  • Management : Daily training and guidance including helping people develop a sense of autonomy and proactivity. It also includes an array of problem detection and resolution tools.

Human Ressources

We are a collection of personalities who have come together for Viaposte and its customers.

  • Diversity : We benefit from our diversity in origin, age, gender, qualification, etc.  

  • Equal opportunities : We are committed to providing men and women access to all of our professions and at every level of the company without treating anyone differently due to their disabilities. 

Security of our warehouses

To protect our customers' products as they pass through our logistics platforms or are transported in the trucks of our transport partners, we act on several levels with :

  • 24-hour video surveillance of our logistics platforms
  • Access control to our warehouses with Advanced Guard Posts monitoring the entry/exit of light and heavy vehicles. Some of our platforms are also equipped with Inspection and Filtering Stations, placed under the responsibility of security providers. 
  • Checking the identities of lorry drivers and the matching of registrations and seals with consignment notes. 
  • Restriction of certain areas to authorised personnel and anti-intrusion alarm systems in our high added value storage areas.
  • A network of referenced transport partners after verification of vigilance documents (Kbis, civil liability and contractual goods insurance, transport licences, etc.) 
  • A National Security Manager to train employees and implement preventive measures.
  • Training of managers and employees, with the signing of a customer commitment charter on expected ethical behaviour. 
  • Supporting our clients in setting up security agreements and planning discussion time on the prevention actions implemented.


We are concerned with the consequences of our professional practices on the environment and we strive to reduce these consequences by involving all stakeholders in the effort. 

  • Employees: we have set up mobility plans at our biggest facilities to optimise our employees’ commuting (electric vehicles, ride-sharing, telecommuting, etc.). We encourage recycling, reduction of plastic or single-use products and the optimisation of resources (water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, paper).

  • Partners: We are developing our energy mix by working closely with our transport partners to promote low-carbon transport links running on biofuel, biogas, electric and hydrogen. We are participating in the opening of CNG and biogas refueling stations. We are collaborating with the Hydrogen Retrofit Coalition, which aims to accelerate the industrialization of the conversion of heavy-duty road vehicles from diesel to hydrogen.

  • The company: We measure our pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions and identify action levers. We invest in sustainable projects in France and abroad (reforestation, improvement of living conditions and access to education). We comply with the TK BLUE platform to guarantee service quality, productivity and respect for the environment.

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