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We make it possible to sort your items manually or in a mechanically, on site or off. We contribute to optimising your merchandise flow either from or to France and other locations worldwide.

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Your logistics operations with Viaposte


We manage


Either on our platforms or yours, we set immediately up operational teams, trained in the particularities and requirements of your activity.

Flows reception

We carry out the inspection of products and administrative documents, manage seals and secure docks before unloading items.

Unloading trucks with pallets, containers or bulk items

The operation is secured with the visual inspection of the merchandise (separation of non-standard items, etc.) and flow scanning

Manual and/or mechanised sorting

We sort a large quantity and variety of multi-format object, from the store to the deliverer.

Flows loading

We load sorted item flows by optimising the space available and securing the product.

We have a

multi-format sorting capacity

Through the combination of an innovative machine portfolio and committed teams, Viaposte can handle :

More than 30 mechanised sorting systems

Our industrial team has configured custom sorters to meet our needs. Today our team can help you with the design and installation on your sites of sorters adapted to your activities. We can go even further by managing your maintenance needs

A vocal assistance system and flashers 

Viaposte equips its employees with ergonomic equipment, which reduces movements, simplifies information memorisation and provides greater comfort and performance while leaving their hands free. 

Apollo, our continuous improvement programme 

This operational excellence strategy involves everyone at Viaposte : teams, managers and support services.  Viaposte applies this strategy at all of its sites and at yours as well.





A problem,

a solution

Our methods & engineering team studies each of your problems to provide you with a customised response.

We develop the practices of our professions to integrate into them the latest changes in safety, quality and profitability.

We select the very best from our suppliers to design unique sorting systems.

We take into account the character of your flows to offer adapted conveying and sorting technologies (Tilt trays, cross belt, compartments, clamps, etc.).

We adjust our or your sorter outputs to your containerisation modes (pallet, tray, box, bag, bulk, container, etc.).

We integrate innovation into all of our efforts by using high-performance tools (OCR, WCS, videocoding, artificial intelligence, etc.)

We also offer complementary solutions to maintain your logistics tools as well as the purchasing and managment of your road transport votre transport routier


IT tools

A WCS interfaced with our sorters

We developed our own tool. We interfaced this high-performance industrial programme with our sorters. It allows editing and managing multiple sorting plans, while integrating criteria for weight, volume, shape, priority flows and degree of sorting.

24/7 assistance

We have IT assistance that can provide support at any time.

A mirroring data centre

The automatic, real-time synchronisation of all IT data at our mirroring data centre meets the strictest requirements concerning the continuity of service plan and data security.

Quality is

verified and measured !

We are committed to working by your side to help you keep your customers’ promises and make it possible... We adhere to the following criteria :

  • Complying with delivery deadlines : D, D+1, D+2, etc.

  • Product injection optimization, taking into account peaks to avoid recirculation

  • Introduction quality for a proper OCR reading and rejects management

  • Sorting quality through constant OCR reading supervision

  • Recharge quality guaranteeing merchandise integrity and transport optimization

  • Monitoring sorting operations : recirculation, rejects, OCR reading, saturation, etc.

  • Item traceability with content/container associations at each step (entry/exit reading frame, etc.)

A logistics
project ?

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Viaposte, a company

that understands you

Our adaptability preparation complies with your orders over the short and long term.

  • We pick your orders

    We handle all or part of the order-picking process with the support of our WMS. Viaposte can use its network of platforms or its ability to integrate into your facilities and operations. And yes, externalising your flows at your facilities is possible !

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  • We manage your logistics both ex situ or in situ

    We ensure the sorting of your items and the picking of your orders to offer you customised performance

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