Viaposte Customer Satisfaction Survey - 2023 Edition

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Understanding the context in which a company operates, the expectations of its stakeholders and the positive and negative feedback of its customers are essential steps for the boosting customer satisfaction and continuously improving services. Viaposte, by choosing to survey its customers every year, is therefore fully in line with this virtuous cycle for the company and for its entire ecosystem

For the third consecutive year, Viaposte is conducting a satisfaction survey with a representative panel of its customers. Logistics, transport and industrial maintenance: the NPS 2023 survey was conducted involving 819 customers across all of the company’s activities.

Find out with Viaposte the results of the survey.

What is the NPS and what is it used for?

The NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is an indicator of customer satisfaction, and more precisely the likelihood of a respondent to recommend the company. Customers therefore answered the following question: “On a scale of 1 to 10, would you recommend Viaposte?” 

Widely used by many major companies, the Net Promoter Score harmonizes customer feedback by creating a score, with a 10-point scoring system: 

  • Scores from 9 to 10: This is the highest level of satisfaction. It is represented by the “promoters”, that is, the customers who are most likely to become brand influencers.
  • Scores from 7 to 8: This is the middle ground, or the neutral level, represented by the so-called “passives”. These customers are generally satisfied with the service, but do not feel particularly connected to the brand.
  • Scores from 1 to 6: These are the “detractors”, that is, openly dissatisfied customers. They do not recommend the company, and can, in extreme cases, damage its reputation.

How can the satisfaction of a company like Viaposte be calculated?

The NPS score corresponds to the difference between the share of promoters and the share of detractors. This difference makes it possible to obtain a score between -100 and 100, with 100 representing the highest satisfaction index.

In the case of Viaposte, the NPS is divided up between the three main branches of the company’s activities: road transport, logistics (sorting, storage, cross-docking, and order preparation), and industrial maintenance of logistics equipment.

Viaposte NPS Survey 2023: what has changed from previous years?

The survey carried out on the 6th and 7th of June 2023 highlights a clear improvement in the Viaposte NPS, up from 44.8 in 2022 to 53, representing an increase of 18% in general satisfaction.

This increase is partly explained by the improvement in satisfaction with two of the Viaposte business lines in particular: transport and logistics.

Here are the main satisfaction indicators: 

  • NPS score for transport: 51.1, vs. 42 in 2022;
  • NPS score for logistics: 70.58, vs. 57.56 in 2022;
  • NPS score for maintenance: 58.34, vs. 66.5 in 2022.

Furthermore, to the question “Are you satisfied with the service provided by Viaposte?”, 100% positive responses were given for logistics, and over 90% for transport and maintenance.

What conclusions can we draw from the survey? Satisfaction detail

In addition to the notable improvements in general satisfaction, within the framework of this survey, it was important to precisely determine the positive points of each service, as well as areas for improvement, in order to develop possible plans of action.

What are the main points of customer satisfaction?

The survey highlights a very positive perception of many points by Viaposte customers. In particular, the following points were most highlighted by customers:

  • A serious and experienced player on the market
  • A very good service and 24/7 availability 
  • A process of constant improvement 
  • Very professional teams with a real sense of human contact 
  • Fluid, direct and regular exchanges 
  • Professional responsiveness of the teams, with a real willingness to adapt 
  • Good communications and very good follow-ups 

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