Viaposte and ArcelorMittal, road haulage of non-standard goods

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Since May, Viaposte has been the transport partner of the world leader in steel, ArcelorMittal, for its ArcelorMittal Construction branch, which specialises in building envelopes. Our company has been entrusted with a national road chartering mission for specific goods.

Issues and challenges for Viaposte

An expert in the manufacture and marketing of steel building cladding products, ArcelorMittal Construction is developing a range of products for façade construction. These products are designed to meet the aesthetic and technical needs of buildings, while offering high strength and durability.


ArcelorMittal high-end facade products


The nature of its products leaving the factory, which are non-standard in size and weight, requires appropriate transport solutions to enable it to load products that are often bulky and fragile into heavy goods vehicles. The company therefore called on the services of Viaposte and its chartering agency in Bordeaux to handle its goods.

Dedicated road chartering solutions

Because we make it possible, our transport specialist Viaposte handles the flow of goods for our customer ArcelorMittal Construction in complete safety, from loading to final delivery throughout France.


Viaposte's transport expertise

Viaposte has been entrusted with the task of transporting top-of-the-range façade products manufactured at the ArcelorMittal site in Cérons (Nouvelle-Aquitaine) to industrial and construction companies in France.

Transporting steel products requires delicate handling and extra safety measures to avoid any damage in transit, which is why we mobilise full lorries for the semi-trailer transport of these made-to-measure façade claddings.

They are loaded and unloaded by cranes capable of lifting very heavy loads, and in trucks with sliding curtain-siders to provide side loading and unloading options.

By working in partnership with Viaposte, ArcelorMittal Construction can concentrate on its core business while benefiting from transport expertise. This enables them to optimise their operations, improve efficiency and guarantee customer satisfaction by ensuring the reliable and secure delivery of their top-of-the-range façade products.

Viaposte currently carries out an average of 60 to 70 shipments a month, representing almost 4 tonnes of goods transported for each consignment.

Our partnership with Viaposte has been a success, thanks to the people at Viaposte, who are available and responsive, enabling us to meet our customers' requirements" says Ludovic BARSACQ, Director of the Cérons site at ArcelorMittal Construction.

Services to complement freight transport

In addition to road transport solutions, Viaposte provides complementary, tailor-made services to support its customers at every stage of the supply chain. For example, we can combine in-situ and ex-situ logistics and industrial maintenance services, to and from France and abroad.

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