Viaposte responded to the call from the French Red Cross to deliver humanitarian supplies to disaster areas.

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Viaposte responded to the call from the French Red Cross to deliver humanitarian supplies to disaster areas.

1,500 tonnes of humanitarian supplies transported by Viaposte to support people affected by the Ukrainian crisis

The transport mission entrusted to Viaposte by the French Red Cross began in March 2022 for the distribution of first aid kits to populations affected by the Ukrainian crisis.

It consisted of organising and supervising full truckload road transport from Belgium, France, Spain and Bulgaria to Ukraine and its neighbouring countries (Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Poland).

Among the goods transported by road: basic necessities (first aid kits, food parcels, powdered milk, hygiene products, etc.).

humanitarian kit for Ukraine humanitarian kit for Ukraine

Transport in the war zone

For more than a year now, Viaposte's international transport teams have continued to work with the French Red Cross on this emergency transport mission, ensuring continual commitment and professionalism. Viaposte has already undertaken 97 road links in dedicated trucks (Full Truck Load) with the support of its international partners, 39 of which offered to cover the costs of these deliveries for the French Red Cross.

Viaposte and the french red cross for Ukraine



The setting up of two convoys of La Poste drivers for solidarity

Viaposte, La Poste's logistics, transport and maintenance subsidiary, also offered to La Poste to provide two pairs of volunteer drivers to transport French Red Cross equipment from Paris to Debrecen (Hungary) over a distance of 1750 km.

Volunteer drivers for humanitarian help on Ukraine Volunteer drivers for humanitarian help on Ukraine


Humanitarian transport in war zones is very special to manage. The needs are often very urgent and the delivery area is crucial to limit the risks for the drivers as much as possible," says the Viaposte's Director of National and International Transport Operations.

Tailor-made transport solutions

Turkey earthquake: 22 multimodal transport operations deployed as a matter of urgency

After a devastating earthquake in Turkey in early February 2023, Viaposte has again urgently sent aid kits to the population, which will be distributed by the French Red Cross.

Due to the degraded road infrastructure, 22 international multimodal transport operations were carried out, including customs operations.

Viaposte used roll-on/roll-off sea shipping (loading semi-trailers onto roll-on/roll-off ships), air and functional road routes to cover the 4700 km between the supply site and the South-Eastern Anatolia region, on the Syrian border.

Viaposte's services in France and abroad

Viaposte offers different transport services depending on the needs, constraints, characteristics of the goods and deadlines:

  • Freighting
  • Grouping
  • Flow control

Do you need to transport your goods in France or abroad?

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