Viaposte and work-study training: a major challenge for the integration of young people in 2024

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As part of its commitment to promoting work-study training schemes, Viaposte is renewing its campaign to recruit work-study trainees for another year, so that they can learn the theory and practice of industrial maintenance, transport, logistics and many other sectors!

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Viaposte's 2024 work-study campaign!

Work-study training in 2024: Viaposte's ambition and vision

The 2024 work-study recruitment campaign has officially been launched, giving us a good start on our training and professionalisation objectives for the start of the new academic year!

With a corporate culture based on sharing skills and helping young people into work, Viaposte is once again aiming to boost opportunities for students wishing to train for careers in logistics, transport, industrial maintenance or support activities (HR, finance, communication, etc.).

The main objective is to enable students to rapidly develop their skills by immediately putting into practice the theories taught during their training at the centre, so that they are confronted with the realities of the field: the operation of a logistics platform, industrial maintenance, the organisation of transport links, technical constraints and hazards, etc.

Viaposte's work-study training requirements for 2024

Apprenticeship contracts, professional training contracts: Viapost has made work-study training recruitment one of its main challenges, and renews the scheme year after year. All trades and sites in France are involved.

61 work-study students were welcomed and trained at Viaposte sites in 2023.

Projections for the start of the 2024 school year? 30 new work-study students, in addition to those who have been extended for a further year, trained in a range of professions including support functions (HR, accounting, management supervision, etc.), operational performance, industrial operations, safety, maintenance, etc.

Viaposte's participation in the CESI school’s business forum

For several years now, CESI (Centre for Advanced Industrial Studies), a renowned engineering school in France, has been organising a company forum dedicated to work-study training, where candidates meet recruiters to outline their training plans.

Viaposte, represented by part of the HR team and one of our organisation and methods engineers, took part in the event on Thursday 25 April. Around forty candidates had the opportunity to find out about our work-study job opportunities, and to talk to our training advisors.

Work-study students and tutors share their experiences

Read our interviews with a number of our tutors and work-study students who, through their day-to-day involvement in each other's work, combined with a real desire on the part of the instructors to pass on their skills, are helping to make the scheme a success:

Would you also like to join our teams and learn about our professions in industrial logistics, maintenance, transport or support functions? Check out our job offers on our careers site!

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