Testimonial of the month - The job of a Transport Manager

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Anne-Laure joined Viaposte 10 years ago and is now a Transport Manager. Discover her story in pictures.

Anne-Laure's background

Anne-Laure joined Viaposte as a Transport Assistant about ten years ago, where she was responsible for monitoring transport contracts, managing anomalies, checking invoices, etc.

Thanks to the skills she acquired in this position and her professional commitment, she was able to progress within Viaposte to the position of Road Transport Manager.

She works in the western regional management, one of Viaposte's 17 transport sites in France.

I chose to specialise in the transport business because it is an exciting and fast-moving sector.

What does a Road Transport Manager do?

The tasks of the Transport Manager are to ensure the administrative and commercial management of road freight transport within a given geographical area, taking into account quality and cost objectives.

Anne-Laure's day starts with reading the nightly report sent by the nightly dispatch service to check that no anomalies have been noted on the routes she manages. She also ensures the traceability of her customers' goods on a daily basis, feeding the information back into the monitoring tools and processing all new requests.

Administrative tasks are integrated into this position with the management of contracts and other administrative documents related to transport operations, invoicing and reporting.

The functions of a Transport Manager also include managerial functions with the support of transport assistants and the organisation of the activity.

What are the future challenges for the position of Road Transport Manager?

There are many challenges in the transport business, which is going through high points and changes, particularly in terms of seasonality and innovation.

For Anne-Laure, the next challenges are :

> The end-of-year Peak Period:
This period is marked by an increase in logistics and transport activities due to the end-of-year commercial highlights (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.). Anne-Laure works closely with Viaposte's transport purchasing department to anticipate the need for additional links.

 > The new La Poste customer mail range
La Poste announced a few months ago that it was introducing a new range of mail to better meet the needs of the French people and improve its carbon footprint. This new range changes the delivery times for mail and for Viaposte, which is responsible for managing La Poste's road and air transport, this requires changes to transport plans.

 > Decarbonisation of road transport
Viaposte has launched a committed initiative to decarbonise its transport by using an energy mix combining biogas, biofuels, electricity and hydrogen. As part of her job, Anne-Laure works closely with her partner carriers to help them transform their truck fleets.

What training do you need to become a Road Transport Manager?

The professional training required for the position of Transport Manager is a Bac+2 (BTS or DUT) in logistics and transport. A first experience in a company or directly with a carrier is necessary to understand the procedures related to the transport of goods.

For more information on the job of Road Transport Manager (salary, tasks, professional skills required...), you can read the article "How and why become a Transport Manager?

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