Viaposte confirms its 9th place ranking in the Top 130 3PLs in 2023

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Every year, the 3PL ranking highlights the best third-party logistics (3PL) companies that make the logistics news in France, providers that form essential links in the supply chain, guaranteeing transport, storage and order preparation services and more. 

Indeed, for the 2023 edition of the ranking, Supply Chain Magazine was particularly interested in the additional services offered by these contract logistics providers, in order to better understand the new challenges of this constantly changing sector.

Discover the 2023 3PL ranking and highlights with Viaposte!

2022: Responsive adaptability

2022: Challenges and consolidation

While 2020 and 2021 were marked by the epidemic that disrupted logistics and transport across France and around the world, 2022 was once again affected by significant world events. 

The year 2022-2023 can therefore be summed up in 2 words: challenges and consolidation. Logistics providers have, in fact, had to deal with a difficult global context, punctuated by the notorious rise in energy prices, inflation, and the war in Ukraine, while continuing to meet customer expectations that remained very high. 

In response, 3PLs have been forced to show adaptability, readjusting their offers to keep their logistics activities operational and guarantee the continuity of the supply chain. 


Diversification of the offers of contract logistics service providers

The highlights of 2022-2023 included the emergence of complementary solutions designed to diversify offers and meet objectives. These value-added services (VAS) fill out the initial offerings of each logistics service, adding a range of possibilities that bring the company considerable added value.

In this way, certain service providers have carried out external growth operations with a massive integration of cutting-edge technologies, particularly concerning management solutions, such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Order Management Systems (OMS), and Distribution Management Systems (DMS). 

2022-2023 was also the year of automation and robotization projects for many 3PLs.

The 2023 winners

A surprise on the podium

Despite the particularly heavy news cycle, 136 logistics providers completed the questionnaire drawn up by Supply Chain Magazine.

For the 4th consecutive year, ID Logistics, a group led by Eric Hémar, has retained its leading position, on the top step of the podium. With €861.1 million in turnover recorded for the year 2022, up nearly 11% from the previous year, the winner of the 2023 ranking enjoys a large lead over its competitors, particularly thanks to proven and new partnerships established over the past 12 months.

GXO evoked surprise by rising to second place and taking the lead over Geodis, thanks to 7.6% growth and a turnover of €689 million, against €680 million for Geodis.

Top 3 ranking supply chain magazine


A meteoric rise and various new entries

The bombshell of this edition goes to the binomial of Deret and Log'S, which, after their resounding merger at the start of 2022, rose to 8th place in the ranking, reporting a turnover of €450 million, thanks in particular to new contracts with mass distribution, industry and e-commerce players.

It is also worth noting the rise of Ceva Logistics, whose recent takeover of Gefco, via its parent company CMA CGM, was especially profitable, with €204 million in cumulative turnover between the two entities, and a move up from 36th to 20th place. 

The 2023 3PL ranking also includes newcomers, including BMV Transport et Logistics, Ezytail, Sotrab Logistics, Waylog, Samsic Logistics, Laphal Logistics, and MH Logistics France.


Top 10 revenues in 2023

2022-2023 has been a good year in terms of revenue, compared with the figures for the previous edition. Supply Chain Magazine reports a growth of approximately 7.4% (compared to 4.2% in the previous year), representing €5.6 billion in cumulative revenue between the 10 major players in the logistics market.

While this growth has been very positive for certain logistics providers in the sector (e.g. +10% in turnover for DHL Supply Chain), others have seen a significant loss of revenue, such as C-Logistics (-10% in cumulative turnover) in particular.

For more information on the specificities of each service provider (main characteristics, specialties, profile, customer base, etc.), the completed questionnaires can be consulted on the Supply Chain Magazine website, in the section entitled “For your tender calls” (“Pour vos appels d’offres”).

3 PL ranking

3 PL ranking

3 PL ranking

3 PL ranking

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