Viaposte, ANSIL's logistics partner

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Since February 2022, ANSIL has relied on Viaposte for the logistics management of its products.

The company ANSIL

ANSIL is a distribution company for food supplements, massage oils and stone-based cosmetics.

At the beginning of 2022, the company decided to outsource its storage and order-picking logistics activities to focus on its development strategy.

Viaposte, ANSIL's logistics provider

Since the beginning of February, Viaposte has been managing ANSIL's entire supply chain. Its main tasks are to manage the stock and preparation of orders for 71 product references with :

> Reception at one of its platforms
> Product storage and real-time stock management
> Processing and preparation of orders
, of which 20% are for private customers and 80% for professional customers (naturopaths, pharmacies and specialist shops)
> Daily shipments.

Order picking for ANSIL

Viaposte's V-PLAN logistics offer adapts to your needs

After estimating the size of ANSIL's flows and its storage and order preparation space requirements, Viaposte decided to integrate this customer activity into its Cavaillon logistics platform.

Viaposte guarantees unparalleled adaptability thanks to its great flexibility of schedules and its broad regional and national presence.

An order picker, trained in quality/safety standards, is on hand to prepare ANSIL's orders as quickly as possible. A sales assistant is also in direct and regular contact with ANSIL customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Viaposte's plus

Viaposte's strength as a logistics provider is its ability to respond to the development of the structure. The logistics teams are highly responsive to variations in the number of orders from one period to the next.

For almost a year now, ANSIL products have been delivered by VIAPOSTE. This collaboration brings me complete satisfaction. VIAPOSTE allows me to manage the storage of my products, then the preparation of orders and the management of the dispatch. At Viaposte, the human and relational aspect is a particularly valuable point. This is an essential point for working in confidence. The team adapts, with unfailing responsiveness, to the constant adjustments imposed by a small company like ANSIL. Beyond the service, a real collaboration has been established with the VIAPOSTE team, which is really very dynamic," says Sylvie CROCHET, director of ANSIL.

As a logistics partner and subsidiary of the La Poste Group, Viaposte makes it possible to manage the flow of goods by offering a variety of high-performance solutions and services. Other clients have placed their trust in Viaposte: Endur'activ, Tenerity, L'Olivier de LEOS...

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