Viaposte, 9th in the top 120 logistics providers in France 2022

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In 2022, Viaposte will maintain its 9th position in the top 120 logistics providers in France.

This edition of our ranking of logistics providers will be the beginning of the return to normal life. Indeed, despite an ebb in the Covid-l9 epidemic over the year, professionals still had to deal with one lockdown in 2021 (compared to two in 2020).

In the context of a fragile economic recovery, our ranking has nevertheless had to be renamed "Top 120". Still preoccupied by operational or financial issues, several companies we asked to participate in our survey preferred not to. Others have changed hands, such as Vir Transport, which is now part of the Jacky Perrenot Group, Transports Régis Martelet, which is now part of the Blondel Group, and Cotrem Logistique, which was acquired at the end of 2020 by the Logibex Group (Dometrans, Cotrem Logistique, Prestapack).

Crossover in the Top 3

Established as it is every year on the basis of logistics turnover in France, with the possible inclusion of transport activities if they are linked to services, our ranking once again sees 1D Logistics climb to the top of the podium. The service provider has consolidated its first place, which it has held for the third consecutive year. The group headed by Eric Elémara saw its turnover rise by 7.6% to €775.9m, while Geodis, its runner-up, saw its activity stabilise with a turnover of €680m. The third place was the subject of a battle between Stef and GXO Logistics (XP0 Logistics in the 2021 ranking). With revenues up 10.3% to €640m, the global 3PL took third place from Stef, which achieved a 4% increase in turnover to €617m. The refrigeration logistics company is nevertheless in line with the evolution of the Top 10. Over 2021, the cumulative turnover of the top ten players in the ranking was around €5.3 billion, an increase of 4.2%. It should be noted that in the Top 20, Staci recorded an increase in turnover of 15% (€237m) and Deret Logistique of 25% (€225m).

Significant feedback and entries

In the Top 120, this year's ranking includes the return of players such as Ad Excel and Bovis, as well as the entry of service providers such as Multi Transports, Jung Logistique, NL Logistics, Pick Et Log, SMTRT and C-Logistics (Cdiscount). With a turnover of 392 million euros, the subsidiary of the e-tailer Cdiscount has made a direct entry into the Top 10. The profiles and specialities of these companies can be consulted in the following pages, our ranking synthesising the key elements drawn from questionnaires where different themes were addressed such as turnover, the number of warehouses, the main sectors of activity, the main customer base of each player and the headline facts about these same players for 2021-2022. Two questions were also asked about automation and robotisation solutions. On this point as on the others, more detailed information will be available with the forthcoming publication of the complete pages on our website. They will be available under the heading "For your tenders".

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  Classement Supply chain magazine 2022

Supply Chain Magazine News - N°49

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