A one-off order picking operation for the Amicale A310 4 cylindres

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Viaposte's teams carried out a one-off order preparation operation for a car enthusiasts' association at the Cavaillon logistics platform.

Management of a logistical operation for the Amicale A310 4 Cylindres association

This association gathers car enthusiasts and more precisely those of the Alpine type A310 1600VE, 1600VF and 1600VG.

The aim of this association is to :

> Bring car owners together
> Identify all such vehicles
> Assist in the restoration and maintenance of these cars
> To enable members to exchange knowledge and experience

l’amicale A310 4 cylindres

A one-off order preparation mission for fragile goods

Viaposte's teams were asked to act as logistics experts to meet the specific needs of this association:

> Receipt of goods stocks
Order picking for 600 packages
> The dispatch of 519 of these parcels in France and abroad

This operation took place in the very short time of 3 days, on the Cavaillon logistics platform and brought together order pickers and a sales assistant.

The particularity of this order preparation operation lies in the goods sent: headlights for owners of vintage Alpine cars. These car parts are extremely fragile and the packaging of these parcels had to be particularly meticulous to ensure that the products were received in perfect condition.

In addition, the addresses of the recipients had to be entered manually into the computer tool for the edition of the waybills from the 4 member registers provided by the client.

Client testimony

"We appreciated the collaboration with Viaposte, which fully met our expectations, as it took care of the logistics that our association of car collectors could not provide, in terms of quality and quantity:

> The preparation of orders and the final safe packing of the headlights
> Collections with personal documents to be enclosed in each package, within a very short timeframe
> Entering/editing labels from our manual invoice listings
> Completion of customs documents for long-distance shipments


The quality of contact with Viaposte employees and their responsiveness, particularly in managing last-minute orders to be shipped, were essential in this operation. In addition to the logistical operation, the professional follow-up of the shipments should be highlighted, as well as the assistance provided in the very few cases where there were problems with the shipments.

We would like to thank and congratulate the team once again", says François Kirscher, president of the Amicale A310 4cylinder.

l’amicale A310 4 cylindres

Viaposte's assets

Viaposte's logistics teams had to show great adaptability and responsiveness to succeed in this mission within very tight deadlines.

This demonstrates Viaposte's ability to provide one-off services, such as assisting customers with seasonal activities by making equipment and teams available. The company also has some logistics space still available on its logistics platforms in Velaux (department 13), Saint-Aunes (department 34) and Fontenoy-sur-Moselle (department 54).

A subsidiary of the La Poste Group, Viaposte meets the occasional or regular logistical needs of order preparation and also offers the transport of these goods by road anywhere in France and Europe, at competitive rates; by offering varied and efficient solutions and services. Other clients have placed their trust in the company: Endur'activ, TenerityL'Olivier de LEOS, ANSIL ...

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