Viaposte inaugurates its first NGV station in partnership with Engie

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Building og the Viaposte - GNVert NGV Station in Chelles

Viaposte commits to greener transport

On 2 March 2021, Viaposte inaugurated its first NGV station in Chelles, on the edge of its Chelles logistics platform. The inauguration took place in the presence of GNVert, a subsidiary of Engie Solutions, its partner for this station, as well as local elected officials, the press and partner transporters.
This NGV station, set up with GNVert, a subsidiary of Engie Solutions, marks a significant step in the decarbonisation of Viaposte and La Poste Group's transport activities.

Consolidating the network of CNG infrastructures in France, the CNG and LNG 
station in Chelles is a concrete expression of the growing commitment of economic players to more environmentally friendly transport. 
Initiated in 2018, this NGV station was built despite a sometimes unfavourable schedule. Equipped with two pumps, the public station occupies a space of 1500 m2 and allows trucks to be fuelled with both LNG* and CNG**. 
For transporters in general, the initial investment in gas-powered trucks is quickly recouped, as CNG allows for savings of 50% compared to the price of diesel. For Viaposte, prices have been negotiated in order to offer binding prices to its partner hauliers running on gas.

A commitment to the future

"For the energy transition in transport to be fully accomplished, it must be able to provide each carrier with a sustainable fuel based on three points: it must be environmentally friendly, economically profitable and adapted to the needs of each transport vehicle," explains Christophe Baboin, Managing Director of Viaposte's Transport BU and Deputy Transport Director of La Poste's BSCC [Mail/Parcel Service Branch]. "NGV, which meets both heavy and light mobility requirements, seemed to us to be the ultimate sustainable fuel, ideal for involving our partners in a virtuous transformation for all!”. 
In the future, Viaposte plans to install other stations at key La Poste and Viaposte sites in France in order to contribute to the development of the French CNG network at strategic La Poste and Viaposte platforms.

What is NGV?

NGV or Natural Gas for Vehicles is an alternative fuel to gas that can be distributed in two forms:
LNG - Liquid Natural Gas, in a liquid state and less voluminous than CNG, it is used for distances of more than 500 km round trip.

CNG - Compressed Natural Gas, in a gaseous state, is preferred for distances of less than 500 km.


Some key figures :

> 20% reduction in CO2 emissions 
> 40 to 64% reduction in fine particle emissions
> 1,500m² station area
> € 1.2 million investment financed by GNVert/Engie
> 2 CNG and LNG pumps
> 2,000 tonnes of gas/year consumption forecast for Viaposte

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