Jobs: Sandra and Camille tell us about their jobs as Transport Manager and Transport Assistant. Viaposte is recruiting!

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Sandra and Camille both work in Viaposte's transport department to ensure that our customers' goods and flows are delivered nationally by road.

They give us a glimpse of their jobs as Transport Manager for Sandra and Transport Assistant for Camille at Viaposte's transport branch in Nancy.

Transport Assistant and Transport Manager: complementary professions

Graduates of a Bac PRO, Bac+2 to Bac+5 in the field of transport, the jobs of Transport Assistant and Transport Manager within the Viaposte company specialising in the supply chain share common main assignments.


Operational management of transport

Both the Transport Assistant and Manager manage regular or additional transport needs, acting as an experienced intermediary between the logistics customer who expresses a need and a network of regional partner carriers with the means of transport to meet it.

To enable customers to benefit from a quality service, the Transport Assistant and Manager also carry out the sourcing of carriers to widen the field of possibilities, negotiate the right price for transport costs, update transport plans during exceptional events such as the management of public holidays, peaks in activity or the holding of elections.


Administrative and qualitative follow-up of transport contracts

As part of their job, Transport Assistants perform essential administrative tasks which they report to a Transport Management System, such as document tracking, checking pre-invoicing and final invoicing, managing transport anomalies and complaints, and applying penalties.

As for the Transport Manager, who has managerial responsibility for the Transport Assistant, his or her job includes analysing the contractual monitoring data entered by the assistant, with a view to the quality of service of each carrier, handling disputes, analysing invoicing discrepancies and closing the accounts.


Improving transport plans and winning over customers

The Transport Manager also optimises transport plans by regularly proposing ways of reducing costs, improving load factors, etc. to its operator customers. It also responds to regional calls for tenders to position Viaposte on new transport lines.

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What are the qualities needed to work as a Transport Assistant or Manager?

In the field of road, air and rail transport, Viaposte assists La Poste with its mail and parcel flow requirements throughout France, as well as a range of logistics companies with pallet flows in the press, DIY equipment, dry food, clothing and other sectors.

The transport teams, made up of Transport Assistants and Managers, work from 8 regional sites located in the Ile-de-France region as well as Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Tours, Marseille, Nancy and Rennes. In order to strengthen our teams in a fast-growing transport business, we are recruiting Transport Assistants and Managers.


Camille, Transport Assistant, explains:

"To be in the transport business, administrative tasks require rigour and organisation because they have to be followed up and processed. You also need to be good at dealing with people, because we are constantly interacting with our customers and transport partners; good relationships help a lot in untangling certain situations and in successful negotiations."


Sandra, Transport Manager, says:

"It is important to be familiar with the current road, sea and rail transport legislation. You also have to be keen to help your Transport Assistant colleagues to grow and develop into Transport Managers one day.

10 Transport Assistants joined Viaposte in 2022. So, would you like to join us?

To work in these two professions, all you need is a higher education qualification (Bac PRO, BTS/DUT/Master Transport and Logistics) and knowledge of the transport sector.

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